Our technology

One Script
Let us handle all of your inventory monetization

Optimize natural SEO and preserve the user experience of your website by limiting the scripts called up to load your pages.
Monetize your entire inventory with our unique asynchronous script.

Improve the user experience on your website

Contextual advertising is over. Let’s get started customization advertising !
Take advantage of our prediction algorithm to provide advertising tailored to each user through the data collected.

Prioritize the best-performing SSP on your inventory

We are interfaced with many programmatic platforms, which permits our algorithm to define a purchase order to prioritize the best-performing SSP on your inventory.
Its buyers bid on your impression and you enjoy the best pay.

Header Bidding
Get prices on your inventory

Why settle for a single SSP buyers ?
With our Header Bidding solution, compete with all our programmatic partners buyers on your inventory and take advantage of real-time bidding.

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